TLC Children's Home Adopt-A-Cot

We need R350,00 extra a month to cover the shortfall of our costs - the alternative is to take in less babies, who would end up in dire situations. Once you have signed up, please can you share this with your community, friends, schools, place of worship and family.

The cost to fully sponsor a child is R10,000 a month, or US$730, €640 and £566.

As an Adopt-A-Cot member you will:

  • Join a team of people in sponsoring the full cost of a baby at TLC.
  • Help us pay for the baby's food, clothing, medical care, diapers, toiletries, memory boxes, social-work fees, 24-hour care and more.
  • Receive monthly email updates on the babies whose cots you are sponsoring.
  • Have the option of sponsoring up to 10 cots.

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    Smith Wedding

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    Lauren Lopes

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    Franco Olivier

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    Jayni Linderman

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    Nicky Simon

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Fundraiser projects

10 Fundraiser projects

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R2,200 raised
R10,000 Target

I am raising funds for TLC Children’s Home

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I am raising funds for The Love of Christ Ministries

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Hi! I need your help. I’m raising money for The Love of Christ Ministries, who do great work for ...

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R4,180 raised
R10,000 Target

I am raising funds for TLC Children's Home in lieu of my B-day

By Dierdre Malan

My b-day is coming up & considering the situation we find ourselves in, a good old get together/b...

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R600 raised
R5,000 Target