The Justice Desk is an award-winning Human Rights non-profit that operates across South Central Africa.

During the time of Covid-19, we are working hard to help those most affected by Covid-19 in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. But in order to do this, we need your help!

Our efforts include:

  • Feeding thousands of people per week (warm meals and food packages)
  • Distributing reusable material masks
  • Distributing soaps and sanitisers
  • Distributing menstrual hygiene products and sanipads for girls without access
  • Educating vulnerable communities about Covid-19 and how they can protect themselves
  • Distributing vital information to women and children who may be locked inside with their abusers during lockdowns, on how to reach out for help.
  • Advocating for the human rights of all people, with special efforts being made to advocate for those most impacted by Covid-19: the poor. 

In order to continue this vitally important work, we need your help!

Make a donation and join an incredible family of Human Rights defenders, from across the globe, who support and believe in our work!

To stay involved, go to ; email or follow us on social media: @TheJusticeDesk

*You may also email your proof of donation to to be issued with an official donation certificate.

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  1. Georgie Ava Shenton

    1 June 2020

  2. Hulisani Mushanganyisi

    18 May 2020

  3. David Parker

    10 May 2020

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