• MAAK is building a flexible performance studio in New Cross Roads, Cape Town
  • The space is defined by its pop-up, pop-down curtain
  • We are partnering with local craftsmen to create the curtain
  • By donating a square towards the project you are helping to build the curtain and are transforming a community
  • Each fundable square that makes up the curtain is R 330

Project Background

Built and opened in1996, the Ulwazi Community Centre served a multitude of user groups in the New Cross Roads area. However, years of mismanagement and neglect have led to an underutilized building with multiple maintenance issues.

The local community and other community organisations want to see the building reinstated to its former glory into a functioning, bustling building which offers various activities throughout the day. A vision for how the facility will be managed and what programs are to run in it, are already being pursued by the local community in partnership with other interested stakeholders. However, in order for these programs to be successful it is imperative that the building itself be restored and upgraded, as in its current state it is unable to fully support these programs.

By funding this project you will be contributing to making this vision of the Ulwazi Centre a reality and in turn providing a clean, safe and inspiring environment for members of the New Cross Roads community. A successful multi-use community facility, like the Ulwazi Centre will be, will empower its community and positively impact the greater New Cross Roads area through combating socio-economic challenges and uplifting the community’s youth.

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  1. Anonymous donation

    15 March 2018

  2. Ian Haggie

    1 February 2018

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    1 February 2018

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