A project benefiting a very special young man from Maputo, Mozambique named Fenias Claudio Muianga.  Fenias is one of the very few who has achieved a I.T.F. Taekwon-Do 2nd Degree black belt with one leg after re-engineering the techniques to accommodate his disability. 

Fenias has relied on crutches to date as the prospect of a prosthetic leg has been beyond his reach.

With Fenias currently in his 4th year of collage, as a student, this project will help in raising the much needed funds to acquire a custom-made prosthetic leg.  

As of May 2019, this initiative has managed to raise R80,000.00 to date between this crowd funding site and direct donations, plus a further and recent donation of all the mechanical parts from https://www.ossur.co.za/ and his Prosthetic team in Johannesburg lead by Dr. Eluan Kuhn.  This is a significant milestone and saving that leaves us with a small and remaining amount to raise of R55,000 (USD $4000) to meet covering the: - return travel from Mozambique to South Africa, accommodation and food for 4 weeks while Fenias undergoes his procedure in Johannesburg, rehabilitation and physiotherapy.  Equally, a small amount of reserve funds for insuring his prosthetic for 5 years against damage or theft.  Alongside, annual check-ups in Johannesburg with his Prosthetic team to service his prosthetic for two years.

A little about his procedure:

As a result of Fenias not having a strong enough femur bone on his shortened stump or leg, he will not be able to bear excessive weight.  Equally, Fenias has a stump or deformed foot, which is what allows him to hold his crutches when performing Taekwon-Do or when using a crutch as a leg.  As a result, his Prosthetic Team have to build a customised Prosthetic around this small foot, and thus resulting in a 4 week process.  

Fenias's prosthetic will be used outside of Taekwon-Do or extreme physical activity.  For his Taekwon-Do training, he will continue to use crutches.  


Fenias will be on collage break on June 1st until June 30th, 2019.  We have set this as the window of opportunity for him to undergo his transformation.  

Recent announcements:

04.2019:  Fenias has been invited, with all costs sponsored by the International Taekwon-Do Federation, to attend the I.T.F. World Championship, in Plovdiv Bulgaria from the 22-31 August 2019.  Fenias will be doing a demonstration for the opening to over 80+ countries and 700+ participates competing.

05.2019:  Fenias has been nominated by the Minister of Sports in Mozambique as one of five candidates for the 2019 sportsman of the year in Mozambique.  Votes are currently underway.

05.2019:  Featured on TV Surdo Moçambique (http://www.tvsurdo.org): ...

About the Campaign Founders:

This initiative was started after Brannon & Jaren Phillips (both senior ITF Instructors and 6th Dan black belts) traveled to Mozambique in 2014 and since, have been trying to help Fenias to get a prosthetic leg sponsored. Being declined by several health organization and after a 18 month global canvas, in the latter of 2016 it was decided that a crowd sourcing campaign was a worthy consideration. With both Jaren and Brannon as the incumbent ITFSA President and Senior Vice President, it was agreed by the ITFSA Executive Committee that all funds received will be collected and managed through the ITFSA on behalf of Fenias.

The aim of the ITFSA is to improve technical standards and the growth of Original ITF Taekwon-Do in South Africa. The International Taekwon-Do Federation South Africa (ITFSA) is a Non Profit Company duly registered in terms of the Companies Act, 2008, registration number NPC 2013/178596/08.

Facebook Official Cause Page: 

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Media Coverage: 

05.2019:  TV Surdo Moçambique (http://www.tvsurdo.org):  https://youtu.be/lfdHo2k0_wc

11.2018:  Mozambique's Desporto publication:  https://www.facebook.com/thefe...

09.2019:  TotallyTKD magazine:  https://www.facebook.com/thefe...

03.2018:  On Mozambiques National TV Sports show: https://www.facebook.com/thefe...

01.2018:  CaraCultura publication, Mozambique: http://caracultura.co.mz/dupla...

07.2016:  Sunday World Newspaper (South Africa):  Online (no longer available on line)

12.2010:  Domingo, Mozambiques National Newspaper: https://www.facebook.com/thefe...

SundayWorld Newspaper article: http://www.sundayworld.co.za/lifestyle/2016/07/07/...

We thank you for your consideration and generosity should you choose to support this cause for Fenias.

For any further enquiries or questions, please email:  bphillips@itfsa.co.za ;

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