Our HOUSE OF RESTORATION is a safe-haven for destitute, abused and vulnerable women and children, as well as young teenage girls. The ladies, young girls and children that come to our house have all been the victims of abuse and violence, such as suffering sexual trauma, domestic violence, being ex-prostitutes, victims of human trafficking and drug-addicts etc. These ladies all have one desire and that is to put the past behind them and to get their lives back on track.

Here these ladies can regain their human dignity and self worth. Our HOUSE OF RESTORATION is a house that accommodates mothers together with their children, thereby keeping the family together as a unit. Here they are comforted, receive counselling and therapy and are taught various skills, thus eventually enabling them to fend for themselves and their children. After a couple of months they leave the house and become productive members of society. We can assist up to 40 mothers and children as residents of the house at any given time, but we also cater for many day-visitors that attend our various upliftment programs.

Social science research consistently demonstrates the crucial role that the mother plays in the well-being of her children and family. Recent studies highlight how mothers’ parenting, relationship status and stability, and own well-being are correlated with the welfare of their families. As research demonstrates mothers are crucial to the well-being of their children.

Specific programs that we offer:

Spiritual counselling
Life Coaching – Inner Life Skills and Group Therapy
Addiction Recovery and Support group

Trauma Debriefing

Sexual violence and rape support, care and counselling

Teenage Pregnancy support and care

Skills development classes - Art of Hope
HIV / Aids training and support
Legal advice and support etc.

If you can assist please speak to Francis on (011) 660-4623.

Check out our website for more projects: www.thecradleofhope.org

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