The Beach Co-op is a not-for-profit company. Our mission is to eliminate, reuse, redesign and recycle single-use plastic, which often lands up in our oceans and on our beaches. We work with single-use plastics at all points of the value chain, to:

  • remove them from the beach
  • refuse them when making purchases
  • work with brands and companies who want to use less plastic
  • encourage manufacturers to design plastic packaging with a circular economy in mind


  • to keep South Africa’s beaches clean and healthy
  • to empower coastal communities as guardians of our oceans
  • to address issues around single-use plastic from design to consumption with a focus on building circular economies

Help The Beach Co-op to protect and re-store our Blue Planet!

Video by Otto Whitehead

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1 Fundraiser project

Trash Bash Beach Clean Up

By Prasenjit Sinha

Trash Bash is run by Beach Coop to save South Africa's sea life from human waste

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