TEWWYs Mental Health Intervention Program inspired by the Friendship Bench Zimbabwe, adapts WHO's mental health Gap Action Program (mhGAP) which offers evidence-based intervention guidelines designed to promote mental health in hopes of preventing and reducing suicides in low- and middle- income countries. 

In order to maximize the support for undeserved communities and best mobilize the power of elderly women in the change-making process, TEWWY's Mental Health Intervention Program promotes Physical, Emotional and Social Wellbeing. We tap into the power of story-telling, mobile technology, one-on-one support and life skills building for both elderly women and the community at large to deliver mental health treatment, promotion and capacity building in service delivery. 

Retired elderly women (Wisdom&Wellness Counselors - WWCs) trained in Interpersonal Counseling, share wisdom found in stories while employing modern technology to connect-with & provide individuals and communities in Tanzania mental health services & support. The WWCs facilitate safe-spaces - Wisdom&Wellness Circles - for people to share experiences & let go of their pain as they find comfort in community.

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