The Nkululeko Fund

After their first Cycle tour, the Hippocampus team will once again be cycling across the country in order to raise funds that will help their fellow students reduce their financial burden. This year the team has grown from 5 students to 30 who will be challenging themselves on a tough, long-distance cycle of 1000km over 8 days from the South African border in the Northern Cape all the way to the most southern tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas in support of a Worthy cause.

The Hippocampus team realized that all students have equal opportunities, but not equal resources to benefit from those opportunities. If these students didn't receive financial support from home, they found that many of them were forced to pay for expenses outside of their academic needs, from the food allowances they receive from bursaries. The team felt that people who will look after the health of our country for the next 50 years should not be struggling to survive while they develop, they should thrive! As students they decided to do something crazy to make a change through the Nkululeko fund.

The Nkululeko Fund, named after one of the team’s first cyclists who bravely completed the journey after cycling for the first time, aims to improve the learning experience on Stellenbosch University’s Health and Medical Sciences campus by decreasing the financial burden that fellow students experience and through that helping students to live healthy and balanced lives with dignity.

We invite you to share in the vision of these brave champions battling the Hippocampus Cycle Tour by donating to their campaign. Support their campaign to help our future health care practitioners gain financial freedom at this crucial stage of their lives!



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