Conservationists estimate that one pangolin is poached from the wild every five minutes due to the huge demand from the African and Asian traditional medicine markets. 

Pangolin.Africa is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the survival of this species. The greatest obstacle we face in our conservation efforts is that many people don’t even know that pangolins exist, let alone realise the urgent need to protect them. So we've made a powerful film to tell the world about pangolins and the urgent need to protect them.

Eye of the Pangolin is the story of two men on a mission to get all four species of African pangolin on camera for the very first time. As they travel the continent to learn more about those caring for and studying pangolins they are captivated by these strange, secretive creatures and document the race to save them from being poached to extinction.

The film was released Endangered Species Day in May 2019 and our goal is to make it the most watched wildlife documentary ever. Therefore we've made it freely available as an open source documentary, accessible for viewing by millions of people around the world via YouTube, through educational establishments and at screenings supported by international conservation organisations everywhere. 

View the film here:

Next we’re launching an intensive educational campaign with a special 8-minute version of Eye of the Pangolin, and taking the film to rural primary schools in high poaching areas across the continent where poaching may be a livelihood for communities or traditional cultural practice. With your help, we can broaden the reach of our campaign to even more schools in Africa.



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