Giving Tuesday - The Dignity Campaign

You can make a difference that lasts a lifetime! By supporting the work of The Dignity Campaign, you enable us to train Facilitators who run life-changing youth programmes in South Africa and around the world. 

When you look at the world that teens are growing up in today, it can be overwhelming. They are bombarded with issues like cyber bullying, different forms of abuse, gender-based violence, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, pornography, gangsterism, and lack of menstrual products. We believe the key to breaking these cycles is to equip men and women in communities where these issues run rampant and invite them to be the change they want to see. By equipping men and women to effectively mentor, teach, and set a positive example for the youth in their communities, lives are changed and negative cycles are broken. Our mission is to see young people find their identity, belonging, and purpose in God, and we enact this mission by training Facilitators to run Dignity and Dare programmes. 

During a Dignity and Dare Day, young people ages 10-18 gather for an interactive, fun-filled day where they can learn about topics that are vital to their holistic well-being. Both days start by laying a solid foundation with the spiritual components: identity, belonging, and purpose. After learning about these topics, we move to the practical. Girls learn about puberty, the menstrual cycle, and menstrual management while boys learn about manhood, relationships, sex, and the dangers of pornography. At the end of a Dignity Day, girls are given a set of washable pads so they can walk away with a sustainable solution to keep them in school. 4 million women in South Africa cannot afford menstrual products, which leads many girls to drop out of school. We see providing a sustainable solution to this issue as a dignifying way to uplift and empower girls to achieve their dreams and fulfill their God-given purpose. 

Would you join us in fulfilling our mission to see young people find their identity, belonging, and purpose in God? Join us today by making a financial contribution and impacting lives for years to come!

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