The Desert Dash, a ride for HOPE

Education is a gift that sets one up for success in life and getting started early is crucial. In South Africa it's difficult at the best of times but Covid-19 has put it under more pressure than ever.

Grants have been withheld, ECD centers closed, parents lost jobs and couldn't afford to send children back to school which meant that they often missed their one square meal of the day.

Sponsoring Julian as he grinds through the heat and dust of the Namib Desert makes you a gift-giver too! Funds will be channeled to Masikhule to be used to run their ECD centers and train educators at these centers.

"It’s the hardest event I have ever done, but while I will be suffering for 20 hours there are people who suffer every single day – that’s why I am doing this race and raising money specifically to give towards education of younger generations. They are the future.”



  1. Marlene Ashwell

    10 January

  2. Jordache Fortuin

    17 December 2020

  3. Herman Heunis

    15 December 2020

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