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Texas Runs on Water - Austin Marathon 2022

Water is for every Texan. Every Texan should be for water. From agriculture to industry and from fishing to floating, water is the lifeblood of Texas. Join us as we explore where we’re going, how we’re growing, and how water is at the heart of everything we love about Texas.

Texas’ population is expected to increase by over 70% in the next fifty years. In that time, our water supply will decline. Our State Water Plan identifies thousands of important water management strategies to help us meet that demand, but it also requires Texans to get serious about conservation and reuse. Conservation on that scale is not achieved through innovation and technology alone, but through a change in the way we view our water.  That's why we created Texas Runs on Water, a statewide water campaign designed to help Texans connect our pride in Texas to the water that keeps it running. 

Will you join us as we work to ensure a sustainable water future for Texas, and help us show the world that Texas Runs on Water?

Learn more at TexasRunsonWater.org, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok

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    Brooke Paup

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