Teen Entrepreneur TSIRU Virtual Currency Program Fundraiser

Times are changing, and the nature of learning has taken a significant turn in 2020. We at Teen Entrepreneur are spear-heading this change in the remote entrepreneurial learning space. We now need your help to help us bring our TSIRU Virtual Currency Program to life! Our goal is to raise capital to fund and incentivise 6000 South African students to complete our extensive 11 module entrepreneurship e-learning program!

TSIRU is an incentive-based virtual currency for use on the Teen Entrepreneur Learning Academy. The academy has been designed to provide free, entrepreneurship-focused e-learning for teenagers across South Africa. Our e-learning program is extremely accessible as it is designed for use on both mobile and PC devices, while also providing invaluable, team-based entrepreneurship training for all who wish to register.

The reason behind the virtual currency incentive scheme (TSIRU) is to motivate learners to complete learning materials. Coursework on the academy is split into eleven modules, of which ten provide a 10 TSIRU currency reward (for a maximum of 100 TSIRU over the course). Learners are encouraged to spend their TSIRU on virtual goods via the academy store. TSIRU is anchored to the Rand in a one-to-one relationship. For example – a R25 airtime voucher would cost 25 TSIRU, and so forth.

This is where we need your help! With a maximum potential reward of R100 per student and 10% administrative cost we are looking to raise R660 000 for 6000 students.

We at Teen Entrepreneur are no exception to what we have taught our past students, when it comes to setting big goals. 

R660000 is our big goal and we aim to buckle-in, touch down and ultimately achieve this! 

As Les Brown once said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”



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    12 November 2020

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