If a 26.2 mile run is difficult, the journey across thousands of miles made by people fleeing torture and abuse is nearly impossible. These are the people PAIR helps.

Funds raised by Team PAIR will help to protect the rights of asylum seekers and immigrants escaping exploitation and injustice — people who are persistent and courageous enough to overcome horrific pasts to start again.

PAIR provides clients with volunteer attorneys at no charge, and helps people to share their stories, assert their rights and begin again in freedom and safety. 99% of PAIR clients are people of color and all live below 125% of the Federal Poverty Line. They are business owners, musicians, healthcare workers, and much more. They are our neighbors, friends, employers, customers, and active members of the greater community.

With your help, asylum seekers and immigrants will have the chance to start over. Thank you for "going the extra mile" for PAIR clients!

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    19 November

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    12 October

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    11 October

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