Help 12 teachers get their Level 4 ECD Qualification.

This qualification would enable them to provide quality care to the children, enter into a career path, and their schools would meet another requirement in the process of becoming a registered pre-school with the Department of Social Development.

In partnership with The College of Cape Town, we could make these teachers' dreams a reality. True North offers some unaccredited curriculum training to these teachers and because of this parallel complementary training - candidates have an opportunity to do the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Course which would be recognised as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Level 4 Qualification.

This course is an Individual Education Programme that recognises experience and practices that teachers carry out in their day to day work, and with the mentorship and support of our ECD coaches and their lecturer, candidates can be accredited for this. The duration of the RPL is 8 months in comparison to the 18 month NQF Level 4 course and candidates can skip having to first get a NQF Level 1. Another great advantage is that the college is prepared to come to the community and provide the training at our premises, saving the teachers valuable time and resources.

In 2014 only 25 (18%) of the pre- school teachers in Vrygrond had an accredited ECD qualification, 3 years later at the end of 2017, 53 (25%) of the teachers had their qualification. We would love to see at least 78 teachers (57%) have their ECD qualification by the end of 2020.

It gives us great joy to report that the teachers in our community have realised the value of education and the influence that this can have on children reaching their full potential.

12 teachers have shown initiative and have both applied for the RPL course and passed the Performance Assessment of Competency Education (PACE) evaluation to qualify for this opportunity in 2018.

Financial support is the next step for them to reach this goal and make this dream a reality. The course cost R18 570 per teacher.If you are able to financially support these teachers please make a contribution by clicking 'Donate Now'.



  1. Paul Crockett

    20 March 2018

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