“Where you live, shouldn’t determine whether you live or whether you die” – Bono - U2 lead singer.

One in 100 babies are born with a structural heart defect, making congenital heart disease (CHD) the most common birth defect in the world. It is approximately 60 times more prevalent that childhood cancer and about 25 times more common than cystic fibrosis. 

The Children’s Cardiac Foundation of Africa mission is to save lives and improve the health of children with congenital heart disease in Africa. We do this by raising funds for heart surgeries and by training specialists and support staff in the field of paediatric cardiac care.

Each year, an estimated 3,000 South African children die or remain disabled, from their diagnosed and treatable CHD. These children can be treated on an elective basis, transported over long distances to a private facility, and the heart disease is likely resolved, at least for several years or even decades, with one operation or intervention.

Throughout the continent, it is notable that CHD and acquired heart disease has been largely been left to non-governmental organisations, like us, to address. This is due to the challenges around cost, technology, availability of trained personnel, and the expertise required to affect change.

By supporting The Children’s Cardiac Foundation of Africa, you are ensuring that  more children will be given the appropriate care they need to recover from debilitating heart conditions and lead healthy lives. Help Us! Help Them!

Visit our Gallery on www.tccfa.org to meet more of the Heart Heroes we've helped so far!

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