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thinking will not overcome FEAR but action will...W Clement Stone

I did it!!!!

The 3 things I FEARed were… 
   speed...so why did I descend at 220km/h?
   heights...why did I jump from 11,000 feet?
   the sensation of falling...it took 7 minutes to reach the ground!

I took action and faced these FEARs by skydiving in tandem and putting it to a good cause. All proceeds are going to an organisation that I have been volunteering for and feeling very passionate about. My target is R11,000.00, R1.00 for every foot I descended. 

Hamba Bamba Funda is a Non-profit organisation that advocates Early Childhood Education for babies from birth until 2 years old and is looking to raise funds to continue their work with mothers and babies in Kliptown, Soweto, South Africa. 

Click on the link to see what we do https://www.hambabambafunda.or...

All donations can be reciprocated with a Section 18A certificate. 



  1. Furahini Tluway

    20 August 2022

  2. Appleton Family

    16 August 2022

  3. Hamba Bamba Funda

    16 August 2022

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