Waves for Hope offers a surf therapy program addressing at-risk youths with mental health issues in the rural communities of Trinidad. We provide a safe space, caring mentors, the fun activity of surfing and evidence-based exercises to build healthy relationships and develop skills to cope with stress. Our goal is to encourage positive life choices and create role models in the communities. These youths are exposed to violence, abuse and family breakdown.

In order to facilitate our surf therapy sessions we need surfboards, water and food for the kids, we need to transport the kids and all the surfboards to the beaches and we need caring mentors who take care of our participants.

Your donation will go a long way:

  • With USD 50 we can offer food and water during one surf therapy session for all participants.
  • With USD 250 we can buy a new surfboard incl. accessories.
  • With USD 300 we can offer surf therapy to one youth for a period of 6 months.

Our surf therapy program combines evidence-based therapeutic activities with surfing. The beach functions as a safe space where the participants are mentored by caring mentors and are given the opportunity to learn new skills to cope with stress and build positive relationships.

“I am happiest when I surf” (participant, 2019). Feeling happy and hopeful are the most heard statements when asking our participants how they feel when they attend our surf therapy program.

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