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Sam Shaba has a degree in wildlife management but has realized that to really help communities succeed, he needs an MBA as he believes that community conservation areas can only succeed when they are run as social enterprises, meaning they are environmentally, financially, and socially sustainable. From the business side, this involves deriving financial gains from natural resources to reduce or remove donor dependence. To this end, Sam and his team in Honeyguide will offer business advice to the community leaders and will actively seek partnerships that will bring tangible benefits to local residents.

Sam was offered a scholarship at the African Leadership University, School of Wildlife Conservation worth $20,000; he is now raising the additional $10,000 needed to complete his course. Honeyguide has already raised $5,000 for the initial down payment with a remaining $5,000 required by early 2022.

The MBA will provide Sam with valuable skills so that he can help communities in northern Tanzania to develop robust and sustainable community-based conservation areas that are working for both people and wildlife.

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