Conservation is as much about people as it is about wildlife. As the Covid-19 lock-down continues, thousands of people living in impoverished rural communities adjacent to game reserves have lost their jobs and income, and live in appalling conditions.

Starving families is not the only need we find. School buildings have had roofs blown off, water wells and pipes are dysfunctional, and much of the infrastructure we take for granted in an urban setting just simply doesn’t exist or is grossly neglected.

These are desperate communities. You can help.

Working together to show that the conservation sector cares, African Conservation Trust, Project Rhino, Nkombe Rhino NPC, DoMore Foundation and other partners have pooled their resources and efforts to help repair infrastructure, restore water, feed families, and support wildlife communities across South Africa.

While we are in the field, delivering a certified, nutritional porridge, pre-cooked and flavoured and ready to eat with water or milk, we come across neglected schools, water systems and other basic needs.

We need funds to repair a roof, install water tanks and feed families. Wherever you want your funds to go, use your name and then roof, water or food, (GJones ROOF) and we will dedicate your generous donation to that cause.

We need your help:

1 school roof = R85,000, Water system = R75,000, Food R1 = 1meal

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