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Supporting children in need at Khanyisa ECD

Sylvia Hobe started the Khanyisa Early Childhood Development Centre in 1985 and Inkwenkwezi ECD in 1997, in the township of Nyanga. She opened her doors to vulnerable families and children who did not have access to an ECD education, safety, or even food.

She noticed that children in her community were not able to access a healthy meal, and often were forced to go days without food. Their parents were out each day desperately looking for work, and as a result had to leave their children in the care of others. Gang violence and other injustices filled the entire community, and many parents wanted to give up.

This was where Sylvia came in, opening her doors to care for children so that their parents could go seek work, knowing that their children were safe. She also ensured that each child was well fed, and cared for, receiving quality education, and a jump-start to their futures. 

Sylvia has now retired, but her daughter Theo has continued her legacy of this amazing work. The centre's now reach more children than ever before, and takes children who are also differently-abled, which is often unheard of in under-served communities.

Please consider making a donation of R200, which will feed a child at the centre for an entire month!

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    11 March 2021

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    26 January 2021

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    26 January 2021

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