The Delft Early Childhood Development Project is a community development project that empowers teachers and workers in crèches and early childhood development (ECD) centres in the Delft township of Cape Town. It assists these committed caregivers to develop the essential knowledge and skills needed to lay a firm, educational foundations for local children.

With the national lockdown, our training initiatives stopped. With our established relationships in the community of Delft and funding that we already had, we realised that ECD training would be irrelevant for children and teachers that are starving.

We hope to support these families in the time of instability that lies ahead.

Our aim is to provide food parcels for the approximately 900 children who attend the 17 ECD Centres, as well as their families.

A food package to sustain a family of 4 for a month costs roughly  R400 /  $21  / €20.

We will supply these packages from the 17 ECD centres venues with the assistance of the respective principals and so ensure each food parcel is placed in the hands of each child’s caregiver.

In the South African Context where more than half our population (approx. 30 million people) live in poverty, mostly in large informal settlements near big cities, the consequence of a 35-day lockdown has been tremendous. The need for communities, NGO’s and religious organisations to step up and supply food and other basic needs has been vital for many families to survive. Although, the alleviated restrictions will not allow many to return to work and therefore the need will remain great for the foreseeable future.

Will you take hands with us – as we support families.

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  2. Amanda Mabandla

    2 December 2020

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    2 November 2020

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