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Imagine what happens when Corona hits the townships? For many who are living hand to mouth, stockpiling is not an option. Even basic hygiene will be a problem. How do you wash your hands frequently when you have now running water in your home? How do you quarantine yourself in a one bedroom tin shack? How do you keep your business running without access to internet or even electricity?We are working on a number of initiatives to assist our participants and greater Diepsloot in case of a "Kasi Kwarantine". 

Your contributions will: 

- Help us to continue with education about the Coronavirus and healthy hygiene habits – so that the messages spread
- Support our efforts to get soap and hand sanitiser to as many households as possible

- Help us provide our participants with data if they are sick or if we need to close the business centre. 

The Wot-if? Trust works in Diepsloot. We run our programmes in 2 spaces – the Father Louis Blondel Centre and the Diepsloot eHUB – both in extension 10. The centre serves the Diepsloot community by

- providing business services to over 100 small township businesses
- growing 30 creative enterprises
- developing 120 children who are environmental ambassadors
- training 25 children learning about gaming, coding and robotics
- supporting 20 ladies who produce hand and machine made products
- helping around 50 people a month who benefit from ad hoc services and random acts of kindness.

Thank you for considering our cause. Stay safe! 

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  1. Diane Wallace Booker

    29 September 2020

  2. Pamela Yates

    15 April 2020

  3. Colleen Berrange

    10 April 2020

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