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Usikimye means do not be silent in Swahili.

Usikimye is a movement working towards ending the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence (GBV). 

We exist to ensure that women and girls from Nairobi and its environs are safe and free from violence, exploitation, neglect and abuse and have safe access to high quality comprehensive responses that are appropriate to their individual needs, vulnerabilities, capacities while at the same time, age and gender sensitive.

Usikimye has rescued 4385 women and girls, 361 children and 14 infants in 2020. We have also rescued 71 young men (teenagers) and 9 men. In 2021, Usikimye has coordinated/rescued 486 women and girls from sexual and domestic violence, referred 2009 women and girls as well to other organizations and safe houses. 

Usikimye gets approximately 150 rescue requests a day on social media, email and on call.

Usikimye runs 3 safe houses/shelters for survivors ( 2 shelters for women and children and one shelter for queer people) and ensures that once the survivor is physically and psychologically healthy and stable, she is economically empowered and reintegrated back to society. This is done through their skill transfer programs, entrepreneurship bootcamps and job placements for shelter residents and any referrals we have coordinated with other shelters.

What we do:

  1. GBV rescues
  2. GBV hotline 
  3. Post rescue support
  4. Safe Houses
  5. Feeding Program
  6. Inua Jamii
  7. Tubonge teen SRHR talks
  8. Psycho-social support Program Protests against Femicide and GBV

    Usikimye was Founded by Njeri Migwi a survivor of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) which left her partially deaf and Stella, a GBV queer practitioner and survivor

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