Support the work of the Society for Animals in Distress

The Society for Animals in Distress, although the name may suggest it, is far from an animal shelter and actually an established veterinary care provider that has been serving South Africa’s rural, impoverished (indigent) population for over 60 years. 

More commonly referred to as SAID. Annually we provide 100 thousand veterinary treatments and educate some 74 thousand people on responsible animal care to empower communities. Our hospital not only provides access to veterinary care via our mobile clinic services, but is also instrumental in the post-graduate sphere of veterinary care for rural, black animal health technicians through offering graduate internships, graduate programmes, employment and increasing their scope of management, business and technical expertise to further their economic and social impact on the country. 

SAID gives back in capacitating other animal welfare organizations with our skills, expertise, and experience. Our operational methods are geared towards sustainability which is illustrated by our commitment to community-based skills and business development.