Support the work of Highveld Horse Care Unit

The scope of our focus includes:

  • Re-homing horses and donkeys to suitable homes on a special adoption policy
  • Owner education and equine medical clinics in underprivileged areas
  • Investigating and resolving cruelty/neglect complaints
  • Hospitalizing horses and donkeys where owners cannot afford treatment

Average stats over a year:

  • We assist about 9000 horses and donkeys.
  • Stable on average 1600 needy animals per year.
  • Carry out clinics in 7 provinces, as well as Lesotho.
  • We educate the owner of every horse or donkey we assisted.
  • We teach horse owners how to shoe their horses correctly.
  • We hold workshops for hundreds of owners, teaching them how to better care for their working animals.
  • Dewormed over 7,000 rural equines per year, vaccinated over 800 equines.
  • We hold gelding and dental clinics in underprivileged areas.
  • On average we care for 65 horses at our base on any given day.