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In addition, another 40 people, former students of the Foundation, work in the free market, benefiting from the support and follow up services of the rehabilitation group.

Most of these people are 18-40 years old, with moderate mental handicap the majority of whom are men (57%). Around 40 of them, who cannot travel daily to and from their home, reside from Monday to Friday in the Residence Halls of the Foundation, whereas 15 others reside in small housing units integrated into society.

A relatively large number of the people that study at the Foundation presents chromosomal disorders, with Down Syndrome being more often, and (29%) other syndromes, like the Prader-Willi, Fragile X, and being more rare, while other in smaller numbers, in addition to their mental deficiency, they present problems like autistic behaviour, epileptic seizures, physical handicaps, speech, disorders etc.

Due to the various problems they present, but also generally to the state of their health, 34% of the inmates of the Foundation are on a medication on a permanent basis.

In general, all people studying at the Foundation, are people who take care of themselves, do not face serious behaviour problems, and are in a position, with the suitable education, to acquire knowledge and skills which will allow them to become financially useful and be integrated without problems into their immediate and wider social environment.

In addition to the services provided by the Foundation, the competent services of the state, offer socio-economic support which include a monthly Public Allowance.