Support the work of 365 Foundation

Our goal is that children realize that Charity is everyone’s concern. Nothing is impossible as long as they truly want it, believe in it and act by joining forces ... then they are capable of everything!

The presentations are organized, and the messages reach the hearts of children; flooding them with emotions, empowering them with the will to unite, to organize, to act, to become leaders and change the world.

School workshops generate charity actions. Such actions of volunteerism and love solve the needs of those around us, changing tomorrow and the lives of people and our society.

Our foundation is represented by a meaningful name and with vibrant colors both which share a strong symbolism! The name reveals its vision ... "365": every day is a good day for charitable activities. Love and offering are within us, it is an experience that must be manifested every day or any day that we can. Represented by not only one but with five colors (blue, yellow, green, red and black) on a white background which not only symbolizes the five continents but also symbolizes the entire universe; sending a message that Charity has no limits and/or (racial) discriminations. Rather, it is a blessing for every single one of us, whether it be given or received.