A sustainable Entrepreneurship Model for the development and upliftment of Communities:

Our primary focus is on education. Now when you say education most people think of School, College or University. Yes, that is one of our key focus areas. But if we only focused on the youth, it would be 15 to 20 years before we would see the impact on our country and economy.

Can the more than 30 million people in poverty wait 15 to 20 years? We don't believe they will! To Uplift A School we need to Uplift the Community at the same time.

According to statistics, more than half of South Africans were poor in 2015. Where the poverty headcount had increased to 55,5%. The figures were calculated using the upper-bound poverty line (UBPL). Of R992 ($71) per person per month (pppm) or (less than $3 per day) in 2015 prices. Satssa.gov.za

How do we Uplift A School and a community? One word Education

That is the education of the scholars, teachers, parents and community members. Education specificially on how an economy, money, and inflation works. And more importantly, why the government can't help them. Because the tax base is too small for the population.

Creating an Entrepreneur mindset with the skills and proper training to be successful. 

# Awareness of how they can invest in their OWN development, own success, and their own upliftment.

# The impact of investing in the schools and how it will also attract project tenders to the community.

# Creating a system where money comes back INTO the community.

# How each member invested in the schools will get business from other members invested in the schools.

Now I know what you are thinking.

A common question asked is “these people are already in poverty, how do you expect them to invest?”.

The Solution!

Even people in poverty have to buy groceries every month. They can invest by buying a small portion of their groceries through the New Nation Education NPO every month. The school will receive up to 25% of the money spent by investors. Teachers, parents and community members will buy groceries every month.

The investors, introduce other investors and receive a commission of up to 12% every month. As investors, they will get free training and skills development. So they can create their own businesses and be active on social media and the internet. These small business owners will be trading with the other investors in their communities. Once again keeping the money in the community and reinvesting in their own infrastructure.

I hope my explanation is simple enough. Feel free to ask questions and take a look at our website for more information.

By helping the people of South Africa understand how the rules to the game of LIFE work. We will help millions of entrepreneurs succeed. In turn, they will employ millions of people.

We will:

    # reduce the burden on the taxpayers by increasing the number of employed people.

    making sure all future generations do not need to worry about the funding of education.

    # As the funding model, we are creating will be sustainable for many generations to come.

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