Sunbeam Creche ECD


The Sunbeam Early Learning Centre
in an informal settlement in Westlake, in Cape Town, South Africa, is facing closure due to the owners not being able to meet the Department of Social Development’s health and safety standards.

The area, known as Westlake Village, was originally zoned for 700 low cost houses with no more than 3000 people now has over 1900 informal dwellings and more than 12500 (over 900 underage 13) people living in a very densely populated area. Drug and alcohol abuse is rife and is a leading cause of children born with learning disabilities. The average age children drop out of school is 14.

There are 17 pre-schools in Westlake Village with a total of 548 children in their care ~ only 2 of these are government approved Early Development Centres.

FLOW is working closely with the City of Cape Town and the Department of Social Development to help re-build Sunbeam so that the pre-school can be registered with the Department of Social Development.

We are also working closely with the owners to ensure that they receive the necessary training and qualifications to run a registered ECD.

We broke ground on the Sunbeam site in July 2019, with a budget of ZAR270 000.00 derived from fundraising and donations. We are now close to completion on the final site, but require additional funds to finalize the project in order to
comply with governmental standards.

Items needed to complete this project: 

Staircase to upstairs bedroom including balustrade R6500.00
Taps to be purchased and tiling to be finished in bathroom – R2500.00
Partition required for between the two children’s toilets – R2000.00
Ceiling boards and battens need to be purchased and installed – R3800.00
Roof sheeting with stainless steel poles to be installed and purchased – R1900.00
Gates and Wrought Iron Fencing which was donated need to be installed R1300.00
Accounting fees for Vat application and AFS for 2018 / 2019 – R8000.00

Total: R25000.00

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