Continue this educational positive trajectory

Through our NGO, Nomy has completed an excellent education at one of the quality Primary Schools in our area.

She started her schooling, Grade 1, at an extremely dysfunctional rural primary school. The teacher was seldom present in the classroom. Every day, after school she attended lessons from one of our board members to improve her English and actually learn the Grade 1 curriculum which she wasn't learning where she was. Her parents and her dream was to attend the excellent primary school in our area. She worked so hard and it paid off. She was accepted for Grade 2 and hasn't looked back.

She is an all-rounder. She gives of her best academically, works on her own without help from her mother and has no computer, books at home, etc to help her. She relies upon her peers, teachers and the board member of iXoxo Trust that transports her daily to and from school. She loves her sport and was the Netball Captain of the 1st team this year. She shows leadership qualities and was also tuckshop monitor this year. In 2015 at Prize Giving she received the Art Award. 

We were thrilled when Pietermaritzburg Girls High accepted her for 2019. Nomy is very keen to board and has been accepted as a boarder. She will have everything at school and in the Boarding Establishment, computers for research and projects, a library, sports fields at her disposal, and teachers that are committed to helping their students achieve the best.

The school is a leader in education for young women.

This will impact Nomy's life hugely. She sadly lost her father this year in March to a severe illness. She lives life as it is with no bitterness. When another of our beneficiaries lost his father in October she was very empathetic and supportive. She wants to make a difference and pay forward when she can to someone else who lives her home reality. 

“Women and girls are Africa’s greatest untapped resource, and it is they, not diamonds or oil and minerals, that will be the foundation for solid, sustainable and equitable progress. Health and development experts, economists, non-governmental organisations, UN agencies, and even banks agree that expanding the freedoms, the education, and opportunities for women holds the key to kickstarting inclusive economic growth. This is true the world over, and particularly true for Africa.”–Joaquim Chissano, former president of Mozambique