Stellumthombo aims to cultivate hope in everybody excluded from opportunities and those who need access to personal and community development in the Stellenbosch area.

We aim to achieve this through a variety of programmes that focus on every phase of a person's life. The plan is to support a person through several strategic programmes from conception until they enter the job market with some marketable skill. By doing this, we hope to create a platform where a person has access to opportunities, which will enable them to flourish as an individual.

This is achieved through an entire pipeline of programmes:

1st 1000 Days- Prenatal and Post Portom support

Little Seeds- ECD care

Parent support programmes- Equiping parents to be the best carers for their children

BecomingKids- Intervention programme focussing on literacy in primary school children

BecomgingMe- Teenager intervention groups, building a healthy personal identity.

Masandise- Tertiary education support.

Straatlig- Reintegrating individuals into the greter society, as ewll as providing access to opportunities to individuals who has been excluded form them in the past.

community development