Stellenbosch Unite COVID19 Aid Action

The collaboration brings together Stellenbosch Municipality, Stellenbosch University, Visit Stellenbosch (civil society), SCAN (Stellenbosch Civil Advocacy Network, representing the non-profit sector), Ranyaka and the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (administrators).

As a first priority we will supply weekly food packages to identified vulnerable families. Once this is established, we will start mobilising to be in a position to offer further aid that might be needed if the pandemic deteriorates. This is an unprecedented situation requiring readiness and responsiveness. We are calling on Stellenbosch to unite and to help us to ensure that no one in our town has to face starvation.

A basic provision food parcel for a family of four people will be supplied to minimum 2 500 homes per week. We require at least R250 000 per week to fund these efforts.

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