The deterioration in both individual and local level, nutritional and health status of many vulnerable people in our Stellenbosch community is a huge concern.

So, how can YOU respond to this challenge?

We have partnered with the wider Stellenbosch community under the umbrella of #StellenboschUnite. Via this partnership, we are procuring and distributing food and provision parcels to our community who are in desperate need. The project aims to safely distribute a minimum of 2 500 food and provision parcels per week. To secure the 2 500 parcels, the initiative requires a minimum of R250 000 per week. As alumni, staff and donors – your support would be most welcome to ensure our response to local relief efforts. Click ‘Donate Now’ to support the growing needs of our community that is at a heightened risk.


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    4 August

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    9 May

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