St Andrews Building Project

St Andrew’s mission is to serve.To fulfil this mission, we envision a new inclusive, flexible and nurturing space that will meet the evolving needs of our parish and community.

As leaders in our community it is time for us to come together to raise
funds to build a new space that will enrich lives and forge bonds for generations to come. A space for peers to connect over coffee, a safe haven for teens to gather, a library to offer support and resources, a place for members to meet and work, a quiet place for reflection and a place of celebration.

With these planned renovations Kildare Pre-Primary will also gain renovated classrooms as well as a new entrance, reception and office spaces and much needed new kitchen and toilet facilities.

We are delighted that this Building Project will better serve the needs
of the Church, school and community.



  1. Timothy Moore

    25 September 2020

  2. Mark Long

    13 September 2016

  3. Anonymous donation

    19 August 2016

4 Donations