New Vehicle for St Vincent de Paul's Feeding Programme

St Vincent de Paul Society in Ballito provides assistance to the local population who are poor and needy. Our main work revolves around providing basic healthcare and a feeding programme. The feeding programme is very vehicle intensive since we use it to collect food and donations which we then distribute in the community. 

Many locals rely on our work for their basic needs and our current vehicle has become unreliable. Repair costs are eating into our reserves - reserves that would be better spent on our clinic and kitchen. The condition of the vehicle is generally very poor even without all the mechanical breakdowns. 

We have put off retiring it as long as possible, but it is now becoming a liability rather the workhorse we need it to be. We are therefore appealing for funding towards the purchase of a new vehicle which is sorely needed. Thank you in advance for your support.


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  1. Nicola Catt

    2 September

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