Baemedi (bah-eh-meh-dee) is a word in local language Tswana which describes “a guardian”; he who stands for a child. Becoming a baemedi enables a child to attend our care services, investing in their early education and creating a situation for their mother to finish schooling or seek employment to support her family sustainably. Ratanang Day Care Centre provides essential early education, as well as three nutritional meals per day, for children in Mabopane from 6 months up to 5 years. 

The monthly fee for one child is R400 per month, which goes directly to covering the costs involved in operating this quality community service.

This crucial community service, the backbone and the reason for success of many of Lesedi la Batho's other operations, is under threat of closing. To maintain our high standard of quality service for mothers who cannot yet afford even a partial monthly contribution due to their circumstances, we need your help to meet the expenses involved. We currently support 52 children, only 40% of whose mothers can afford to pay a portion of the monthly fee.

You can ensure the future of Ratanang and its precious children by becoming a baemedi and sponsoring one child's monthly fee of R400! To make your contribution, click on the "Donate" button, and on the next page check the "Make this a monthly recurring donation" box to enable your automatic monthly contribution. 

Baemedi's are matched with a child in need of sponsorship, receiving the profile of the child as well as letters directly from their sponsored child twice per year - on their birthday and for Christmas.

Lesedi la Batho is a registered NPO (124-599 NPO) and our finances are audited by KPMG annually. We offer Section 18a tax receipts to donors - making your contribution tax-deductible.

For any questions or information on an alternative payment method, please contact Mary at

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