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Ithuba Wild Coast Community College (IWCC) serves a rural community in the Eastern Cape. The school began in 2011 and brings quality education to the almost forgotten community of Mzamba Mouth. We request minimal fees from parents and the school remains heavily subsidised by it's Austrian funders and receives a relatively small subsidy from the Department of Education. 

Now, more than ever, due to COVID19 and economic pressures in Europe, funds are becomming increasingly difficult to raise. Fees (which only constitute 20% of the annual cost of educating a child) will treble in 2021 to R240/300 p/m, and the majority of parents will not be able to meet this demand. This leaves us is a vulnerable position.

Our wish it to allow current learners to remain at IWCC so as to complete their primary education. We offer English as the medium of instruction and the alternative for these learners will be an overcrowded, public school, a 7km walk away.

The school caters for 310 learners from pre-school to Grade 7. R1000 per month (R12 000 p/a) will provide fully for 1 child. This includes all stationery, text book requirements, the cost of an educator and a nutritious cooked meal daily. As many parents are unemployed and rely on the government grant of R350 per month, this daily meal is often the main, or only meal, the children receive.

Our school has become a symbol of hope, providing a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where children thrive. Funding challenges are threatening our very existence and closing the school due to insufficient funds would be a travesty!

Your support could change the lives of a whole generation of Eastern Cape youth who are determined to contribute and make a difference in their community.

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