Sozo Foundation - COVID-19 Mental Health Fundraiser

Did you know that in South Africa, there are less than 2 psycho-social care providers per 100,000 people and that 85% of psychologists are in private practice and are servicing only 14% of the population?

As a result of the current lockdown in South Africa, we have already been alerted to the following trauma exposing circumstances as a direct result of having to live 24 hours a day for 5 weeks in very small confined spaces due to the severe overcrowding of Vrygrond: 45000 residents in one square kilometer: 

▪️Increased exposure to alcohol and drug abuse in and around the home

▪️Increase of child abuse cases already being reported daily 

▪️Increase in domestic violence cases being reported daily 

▪️Local community tensions due to job losses and financial burdens have already led to widespread community violence and crime as well as riots and looting

▪ Significant increase of stresses due to loss of school academic education

▪️High risk of beneficiaries being exposed interrogated harassed and possibly integrated into gangs during the lockdown period.

▪️Loss of motivation, low mood and self esteem leading to depression and other mental health related conditions 

Therefore Sozo aims to serve our community in this area by employing a new psycho-social caseworker. But we need your help!

We want to ensure our 220 youth have access to the mental health care they deserve and need. We genuinely believe that if a young person can balance their personal lives and the demands of their purpose, they can succeed.

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