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Solidarity Movement EMERGENCY FUND

The Solidarity Movement established an emergency fund to alleviate the social distress that will arise as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. The fund will be managed by the Solidarity Helping Hand. The emergency fund is support by, among others, AfriForum, the trade union Solidarity, the Solidarity Helping Hand and the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Societies (FAK). According to Solidarity Helping Hand’s Executive Director Hannes Noëth, a social crisis follows in the wake of an economic crisis. The community must ensure that everything is in place for mutual help. The Solidarity Helping Hand is inundated by requests for help from vulnerable groups. We anticipate that the distress and need will simply be rising.Flip Buys, chairperson of the Solidarity Movement, said that mutual help is essential in this difficult time. The Solidarity Movement Fund does not have the same focus and purpose government’s solidarity fund has. In times like these community funds are indispensable. Answers cannot just come from the state.The Solidarity Movement’s emergency fund will be audited by Solidarity Helping Hand’s auditors and a special review committee will see to it that the money is allocated properly.

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  1. Sandra Janse van Vuuren

    4 January 2021

  2. Sandra Janse van Vuuren

    4 December 2020

  3. Sandra Janse van Vuuren

    4 November 2020

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