Social Development

Tygerberg Hospital is not a Children’s Hospital, but instead is the largest paediatric unit in our province, the Western Cape. This affords us the opportunity to focus on holistic healthcare around the child-patient. We especially focus on family-centred care and mothers in particular.

When looking at the spectrum of health and wellbeing of our children, we are drawn to also focus on our communities. This means a healthy child at home, is a child that does not place a burden on hospital resources. This means nutrition, security, physical and mental health is included in the work that we do, at the source, in our communities. 

Outreach initiatives and programmes such as our annual HIV children’s outings and camps, sporting programmes and the inclusion of arts and culture in our youth engagement are important elements of the work that we do.

Our aim, through our programmes, is to give our children a chance to dream freely and offer them hope and support in realising a healthy potential.



  1. Emma Wathen

    18 June 2020

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