Soap4Hope Each1Feed1 Partnership Campaign

Help us donate anti-bacterial soap and alternative products, and provide access to water, to help curb and prevent unnecessary widespread infection within underprivileged South African communities.  The campaign also provides food parcels to the most vulnerable families in our communities to ensure food security during this difficult time, through our partnership with the Kolisi Foundation and Nelson Mandela Foundation, called Each1Feed1.

Our Relief Programme Objectives:
1.  Collect hand washing soap or suitable alternatives to achieve the number 1 priority …handwashing for 20 seconds….
2.  Advocate access to water for under-resourced communities and partner with relevant water and sanitation bodies, to support and enable hygiene practices.
3.  Roll-out a drive to establish a hygiene protocol by providing appropriate sanitizing products to those with limited access.
4.  Be a conduit for the promotion of accurate information, provided by government and other related institutions, for communities with limited access to information.
5.  Establish multi-stakeholder partnerships to strengthen government’s efforts to fight and combat the spread of Corona Virus: COVID19.
6.  Use influencers and multimedia platforms to create a source of inspiration to re-ignite a new sense of hope for a better future post the pandemic. 
7.  Further support vulnerable families with food parcels during the lockdown period and beyond through the #Each1Feed1 Campaign in partnership with the Kolisi Foundation and Nelson Mandela Foundation.

For additional information
Email: / WhatsApp: +27 (0)67 030 5924



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