Grabouw Vision 2020 Arts & Skills Development Centre

The Grabouw Arts & Skills Development Centre is just one of a number of projects under our Vision 2020 initiative but it is THE SOLE FOCUS of all our current fundraising efforts. This is because we want to raise enough money to purchase the land for the centre so that we know that all investments we make in its infrastructure and development are secure and not subject to leasing agreements etc. ONCE PURCHASED THE PROPERTY WILL BE JOINTLY OWNED BY THE GRABOUW COMMUNITY.

This centre is the key to unlocking the potential of our town. It is where individuals will be equipped with skills to fulfil jobs brought about by the growing tourism to the town. The aim is that there will be no need for an employer to look beyond Grabouw for the correct candidate as the ideal one can be found from within the local community!

The campus will, amongst other things, house an industrial kitchen for catering and cookery training, a woodwork facility, permaculture courses and much more!

This project is an investment in the future of our town and the key to its success. Please donate whatever you can, however large or small.

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