Siyakwazi Resource Centre

The Siyakwazi resource centre was an idea which grew from a need for creating inclusive and accessible resources for the KwaNzimakwe community. Through all the services that Siyakwazi offers, more and more children are given access to education and an opportunity to learn and grow. To support these initiatives, resources can be made available to the parents, teachers, caregivers and community centres. We would like to offer the following resources through the centre:

  • Access to educational tools such as toys, books, games and a variety of learning activities.
  • Workshops, awareness drives and seminars which support and promote inclusion and how to implement it
  • Information about the various programmes and community resources like therapy available to parents
  • Support and information on disability and how to work with special education needs (SEN) children

In addition, the centre will also serve as a hub for the Siyakwazi team, allowing us a space where admin, meetings, workshops and mentoring sessions can take place.

We have managed to secure suitable land for the centre through a process which first started in 2014. The land is ideally located just off the main road running through KwaNzimakwe, which means that access to the centre would be ideal for all community members being near the taxi rank and in walking distance to the clinic.

To support the development of the resource centre, we are looking to raise funds. These funds will assist with the building of the centre, as well as the purchase of the resources that it will provide. In addition, ongoing funding for the centre would be required to appoint a team of people who would assist in promoting and maintaining the centre’s day-to-day running, ensuring a sustainable approach to the initiative.

We believe that this centre will provide a much-needed hub for all our community, a resource to facilitate an increase in inclusion, early learning and participation. Our unique model of intervention will not only grow in quality but also become more impactful and sustainable.



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