Bath Half Marathon - Running for justice in SA

In Ezekiel 47 the prophet tells of a vision where he encounters a river flowing from the temple. This river flows into the Dead Sea and, where it enters, life is generated with fish in the water and trees growing on the banks bringing food and healing. I believe this reflects a core part of the identity of a local congregation of Jesus’ followers, that we are to be a place out of which God’s living water flows, bringing life and healing into the communities we are placed.

The Warehouse’s purpose is to nurture this river of justice
and mercy in the church of Cape Town and increasingly across South Africa. That, flowing out of these local congregations, children will
be cared for, young people will be energised with purpose, people will find work and enjoy its fruit, diseases would be healed, addicts will be set free and communities will thrive.

community development


  1. Gavin Dods

    16 March

  2. sarah carney

    13 March

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