Sponsor A Child

Start a journey...

Through our Sponsor a Child programme you can make a long term investment in a child on the Cape Flats. TCC is designed as a holistic ministry to children facing adversity - we walk with children during their formative years and offer education, meals, family services and much more right in the heart of the children's local community.

Become a sidekick...

Our vision is for these children to not only overcome adversity, but to become heroes in their community and beyond. Each one of our heroes-in-training needs a sidekick - a sponsor that enables them to go on this journey. Through quarterly updates, sponsors get to see the progress of the specific child they sponsor.

Change the future... 

The Sponsor A Child programme is the backbone of our funding. Over the last ten years our sponsors have helped us build a unique donor-funded school from scratch to serve children in adversity. By becoming a sponsor, you not only change the life of one child - you also invest in a school that is investing in the futures of scores of children.

How it works:
A full sponsorship of R2400 per month covers the tuition, books, meals, outings, stationery, individualised support, and everything else for one child. Partial sponsorships of R300, R600 or R1200 per month are also welcome, or you can choose your own amount. 

The easiest way is to set up a recurring donation here on the GivenGain platform (which you can cancel at any time). You can also give by EFT or Snapscan - see trinitychildren.org.za/donate for details. Tax certificates are available for South African donors.

GivenGain allows anonymous donations, but bear in mind that we have no way of giving progress reports or tax certificates to anonymous donors.

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