Sherwood Park Special Care Centre was established 8 December 1984 by a group of disgruntled parents who had been seeking admission for their children. With the assistance of a few community members, the school was established and held six learners in the care of one educator and an assistant. The school’s premises were provided, rent free, by Madressatul Islamia with transport being provided by community housewives who volunteered their services.
Establishing of this institution was a struggle as there were no similarly run models to emulate. In September 1985 a minibus was purchased and was used for all the transport needs of the Centre. In 1988, the Centre purchased a house for use as school premises.
The Centre has occupied its current premises since April 1990. With the generous support of the public and business community, we have been able to complete many alterations and renovations in a continued effort to create a better, safer and more conducive environment for our learners.
The Centre currently accommodates four class groups: a nursery group, a junior group, a senior group, and a 21+ group. The Centre has, unfortunately, outgrown the current premises and the community is in desperate need of an expanded service.
A fully designed school facility which caters to the specialized needs of the children is needed to meet the ever growing demand of our community in the future.
The Centre has purchased land with the vision of building a new school, which will house the specialized facilities required to care for the learners and will accommodate the growing need in the community. A sod turning ceremony took place early in 2017 with all stake holders present. Currently the Centre is in dire need of funds to continue the building project and would appreciate all the support, understanding and assistance from you and look forward to a positive outcome.

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