When you make a once-off donation of $500USD, you help our Shark Research Team purchase an acoustic tag for our Shark Bay Research Program. Each acoustic tag has a battery life of 3 years and provides us with unparalleled insight into the movement ecology of sharks in South Africa.

The data collected by these tags directly supports the development of conservation and management goals for South Africa's sharks.

When you donate to the Shark Guardian campaign, you will receive:

  • shark tagging data
  • photos from the field
  • a Shark Guardian e-certificate
  • a list of studies & research your donation supports
  • a Skype call with the SASC Shark Team
  • ongoing updates on your shark's movement for the duration of the tag battery life

For an additional $100USD, you will also receive a "Research Crew" t-shirt and a "Love Sharks l Love the Ocean" bumper sticker.

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