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Shark bite kits

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of people using the sea over the past few years. Unfortunately, one of the spin-offs is that more people could potentially encounter marine predators. It is true that most shark bites are exploratory bites, however they are often associated with severe and often life-threatening haemorrhaging.

In 2015, NSRI distributed shark bite kits to all of our coastal rescue bases and over the past few years they have proven to be very effective and have saved countless lives.

The kits focus on compression devices to stop bleeding, which in turn saves lives. “The most important things that we can do to help a person who has been bitten by a shark is to remove them from the water, stop the bleeding, stabilise them and then get them to hospital.” says NSRI CEO Dr Cleeve Robertson. The shark bite kits can be used for other injuries such as propeller wounds as well.

We recently had an incident in Jefferys bay where a surfer was attacked by a shark.  While local crew and medical services were enroute to the scene, an NSRI crew person who was on holiday from Cape Town was able to perform immediate medical assistance using a shark bite kit that was placed at the beach.


having more kits on our beaches, we will be able to have this essential lifesaving equipment ready on scene and immediately available when needed. 

Each kit only costs R 1 250.00 and contains pressure pads, bandages, tourniquet bandages, space blankets, BP cuff, stethoscope, a rotational cuff tourniquet, one way breathing valves and trauma scissors.

Help us today to save more lives on South African waters!

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