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People of Love is a community based organisation that arose out of the need for food relief in the Plettenberg Bay area, and has since realised a greater ongoing purpose. At our essence we are invested in individual and community upliftment. We believe in innovative solutions that are sustainable and show measurable return on investment.

Our mission is to uplift individuals and communities, and to promote health and well-being. We are positioned to work alongside all communities to answer to their needs and to help empower them. Over the past 10 months we have supplied over 1,2 million meals to people in need in the form of soup kitchens, mobile soup kitchens and food parcels.

Currently our community bakery in Kranshoek is running at a profit and employing people, we are in the process of exploring the conversion of our soup kitchens into canteens that will be run as sustainable businesses, and our community food garden schemes are gaining momentum and showing potential to feed into community markets and our canteen supply chain.

We have four key pillars: vegetable gardens, community clean-up, community bakeries and canteens & mobile kitchens. We believe in the up-skilling of individuals and in creating sustainable business opportunities that serve the community.

We are partnering with top business coaches to ensure that our entrepreneur candidates have the support that they need to succeed. We are using a ‘proof of concept’ recruiting process that involves our candidates working in the business, growing into management and then graduating into an ownership role, thereby stepping into a well supported and already successful business.

As we gain momentum and celebrate success, we intend to step and repeat these processes and grow our reach.

We are seeing a massive positive impact from our incentive based activities in various communities already, and are passionately committed to expanding our efforts and growing our positive results.

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  1. Fabienne Daum

    20 September 2021

  2. Damaris Mayer

    30 March 2021

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